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Web & Wireless Hacking

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This is my presentation in STIMIK Dipanegara Makasar. I try to describe Web and Wireless exploitation conceptually & technically. This presentation consist of:

  • Web Hacking; I try to describe top 3 web exploitation, SQL Injection, File Inclussion, and Cross Site Scripting (XSS). My explanation are including SQL injection in login form, SQL injection in URI parameter, Local File Inclussion, Remote File Inclussion, DOM based XSS, Non-persistent XSS, and persistent XSS.
  • Wireless hacking; I try to describe how to do war driving and how to exploit wireless network. Exploiting wireless network includes how to spoof MAC address, creating Rogue AP, Cracking WEP, Cracking WPA-PSK, and Denial of Service (DoS).

This presentation is not including how to defend that kind of attacking, but i’m sure this presentation is cool enough to start learning Web & Wireless Hacking. Download my presentation here.