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Another FreeBSD Root Exploit Leaked!

By IPSECS Admin. Posted in Exploitation | No Comments »

The latest version of freebsd is found to be vulnerable. This vulnerability is found in run time link editor (rtld) which can be tricked to accept LD variables even on setugid binaries. You might see this flaw by analyzing this exploit.

With this leaked exploit, it’s more than 10 exploitable vulnerability leaked to public this year (2009)! So it’s that true if freebsd as secure as what people said?!





PulseAudio Owns My Ubuntu Intrepid

By IPSECS Admin. Posted in Exploitation | No Comments »

It just fun to try exploiting pulseaudio to gain root priviledge, well my Ubuntu Intrepid is indeed exploitable.

Searching more about linux, i find an exploit to attack RHEL family with SELinux enabled here. So, is that true linux more secure than windows?? The fact which makes linux more secure is the people behind the machine. So many linux administrators is much more skilled than windows ones.