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Global Trend Attack

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The complete title is “global trend attack in local network“, this is my presentation in Telkom RDC Bandung at last 2007. It’s old but still nice enough to know what threats may disturb your network. Download my presentation here.

This presentation explains top 6 flaws which’s commonly exploited in Local Network. They are:

  • Spoofing; ARP Spoofing, IP Spoofing, DHCP Spoofing, DNS Spoofing are commonly exploited.
  • Man In The Middle; Using some spoofing techniques to do Man In The Middle attack.
  • Sniffing; Combining Man in The Middle with some tricks to passively intercept communication in Local Network.
  • TCP/IP Hijacking; Doing active sniffing and modificating data traffic to take over active TCP/IP connection.
  • Remote Code Execution; Using some software application flaws to exploit local network infrastructure. Buffer Overflow and Format String are the most common flaws to be exploited in Local Network.
  • Denial of Service; Most powerful denial of service (DoS) comes from Local Network.

This presentation is completed with ways to defend this attacks and minimize security risks.