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Shell Scripting – Mastering in 3 Days

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Understanding shell scripting is one step to make efficient your work with linux command. Some times we have to work with complex shell command every day and type it repetively. Without shell scripting we have to type all of that command manually and wasting our time. This paper has been presented in PT. Datacomm Diangraha at 8-10th May 2010, which contents of,

Table of Content
1. Basic Shell Scripting
a. Redirections & Pipes
i. Redirections
ii. Pipes
b. Variables
c. Conditional & Looping Statements
i. Conditional if .. then
ii. Conditional if .. then .. else
iii. Conditional switch .. case
iv. Looping for
v. Looping while
vi. Looping until
d. Introduction Bash I/O Scripting
i. Using read
ii. Using command line argument
e. Arithmetic & Strings Operations
i. Arithmetic Operations
ii. Strings Operations
2. Advanced Shell Scripting
a. Array
b. Regular Expression
i. Grep
ii. Awk
iii. Sed
c. System Administrative Command Scripting
d. Aliases
e. Functions
f. I/O Redirections
g. Using /dev & /proc
i. Using /dev
ii. Using /proc
h. Security Issues
i. Code Poetry
3. Shell Scripting in Practice
a. Creating & Scheduling Automatic Backup
b. Creating & Scheduling Automatic File Integrity Checker
c. DomainToIP Enumeration Script
d. Start & Stop GRE Tunneling Script
e. Automatic Default Routing Switcher Script
f. Start & Stop Firewall Script
g. Start & Stop Bandwith Management Script
h. Datacomm needs?? Q&A

Just download this paper at here and all bash script presented here. Oke, that’s all and hope it help! Enjoy :)

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